You've heard about many strange interview questions, even very odd when applying for jobs. The fact that each employer all have their favorite questions and they have the same fetures are difficult to predict. The difference of these questions often force many candidates to fall in deep thinking: "what are they want to know with that kind of question?"

Since this is the interview question strange, even bizarre, difficult to predict candidates to prepare for the interview. So this is why employer  prefer these questions because they help them understand what the candidate really thinks.

Therefore, in addition to psychological preparation for a number of common questions, you should not plan ahead too much for their questions. If that is a such preparation, you can get stressed and forgot somewhere discreet. On the other hand, if you show up ready for any questions, employers may think that you are repeating some certain processes rather stereotyped thinking and express your own opinion.

Is there any way to prepare for questions like that?  YES. But instead of trying to imagine the most unusual questions and prepare answers for them, you should find out the factors that help employer  appreciate.

Overall score of the successful candidates is CONFIDENCE. Comfortable revealing their capacity and their personality. Therefore, their answers are often very convincing employers. If you can let the interviewer see their questions, though difficult there are, you can answer well without any confusing, you will demonstrate bravery, calmness and confidence in any situation around.

Besides confidence is truthfulness. Do not even think about lying or deceiving employers. They are people who have more experience and will quickly detect even a lie. Then the result will be worse than you admit that you do not know the problems they pose.

One candidate was asked whether he is the right person for this job is not answered: "I want to learn more. I believe I have the ability but I need to study more about this job". He admitted that time had wanted the answer is yes then decided to answer honestly. He had passed the interview and became deputy head of marketing for a company to manufacture shoes.

Finally, there is a positive attitude. The answer is right or wrong does not matter much when your attitude in perspective and handling problems.

Nobody wants to work with someone who always cranky and complaining. A employer  in Singapore said he was not paying much attention to the skills and experience of a candidate, what they are focus is candidates' attitude. "Because we always have good qualified people apply, so the concern is our number one candidate data including attitude to work properly. We will have to work together every day, meetings and discussions, so I do not want to waste time with people who have a negative attitude".

Thus, we can see that if a employer had to choose between two candidates with equal conditions, people with a positive attitude will prevail. A human resources manager of a FMCG company, said he has been impressed by the enthusiasm and charm of a candidate and that candidate was recruited.

He said, "At first, everyone was surprised when the employee is hired because he does not have much capacity to excel compared to several other candidates. However, over the course of work, we are pleased that he has always shown enthusiasm quickly learn and adapt to the job and working environment".

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